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Where the Internet Comes to ROCK!

We've been around a bit, but we're really just getting started in the ass-kicking department.  Music is our focus, but we love to laugh too.  With the best in today's new hard rock, metal, and independent bands from around the world, we bring it to you in ways those big tower stations just refuse to.  Tired of listening to the same 6 songs every hour?  So are we!

Great Music, Amazing Shows, and Actual People

We know you love to hear music and don't want to be annoyed by some blabbermouth at the controls.  That's why when we do have someone at the mic, we make sure they don't suck!  From our hometown shows Sonic Assault and Backyard Rock, to local and regional live jocks along with syndicated powerhouses like The Rocking Comedy Show and Corrupt All Around, we're taking radio back and making it awesome all over again.  

Why You Should Listen

We're not like those "other" online radio stations and we don't even come close to the antennae junkies.  We're real people with a real mission.  To bring you the rock you love, the stuff you haven't heard yet, and to make you laugh till you cry.  And soon, we're adding live sports events and wall to wall coverage unlike any station online or otherwise.  

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We make plenty of noise. Feel free to yell at us!

We love our listeners and want to hear from you! Please reach us by any one of the following:

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