Backyard Rock

Bringing You Local, Independent, Unsigned and Unheard Rock

Join Brian every Tuesday night at 8pm Eastern for 2 hours of music you need to hear, and might not hear anywhere else!  If the corporate guys won't play it, we'll play the crap out of it.  Each show, Brian will give his take on the scene, let you in on the shows playing around Florida and beyond and feature a local or unsigned band from his search for the lesser-known. 

Double Feature: South Georgia's Finest!

Silent Running

When I first heard these guys last Saturday at Across The Street in Jacksonville, I thought I had showed up to a Sevendust tribute show. The more I listened, the more I heard Shaman's Harvest with a tinge of some deep emotions.  Silent Running hits you HARD with their high energy sound, heavy riffs and emotive scream/singing vocals.  And they're awful quiet after the fact, too.  They more or less came in, set up, kicked ass, and quietly left the scene.  Maybe they double as rock ninjas?

Catch their single "Lost Time" in rotation, then go buy their EP on iTunes, Amazon, and other digital outlets.  Find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and check out their video too!

4 Daze Dead

What a great group of guys.  I've met a lot of people on the road and at many shows, but none have been so grateful for their fans and supporters than these guys.  Speaking with Brandon (guitar/vocals) after the show, I could tell that they very much enjoy their craft and it shows with their up-tempo heavy grooves that you can tap your foot while banging your head to.  Their 3 song EP "Uproar" is out and you can hear all of them in rotation.  Also check them out via social media and get their EP from digital outlets today!