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Join Brian every Friday night at 8pm Eastern for 2 hours of music you need to hear, and might not hear anywhere else!  If the corporate guys won't play it, we'll play the crap out of it.  Each show, Brian will give his take on the scene, let you in on the shows playing around Florida and beyond and feature a local or unsigned band from his search for the lesser-known. 

Growing Up Fast: Theory Of Us

The Sleepers Have Awakened!

When I first encountered this group of friends, I was impressed by their technical skills on stage and their command of the cover songs they performed. However I was left wanting more as their performance was rather rigid and lacking energy despite their catchy sound. Flashback to this past Friday night at Rain Dogs and what I found was a completely different band and a fresh injection of that "umph" that was needed to make this young quartet a rising star that you need to hear.

When speaking with them after their show in a rain soaked Five Points, they were buzzing with a deep desire for feedback and information about their performance.  Although young, they are wonderfully talented and their hard work over the last few months has indeed paid off.  But what surprised me the most about Theory Of Us was their willingness to take feedback, constructive or otherwise, and use it to their benefit.  I also was shocked to learn that something said on this very show was the impetus for a re-consideration of their work thus far;  a fact that I'm humbled by.  It's nice to know that our contribution to the scene has not been ignored! 

Seriously though, don't sleep on these guys.  They are not far off from bigger things. 

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