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Join Brian every Friday night at 8pm Eastern for 2 hours of music you need to hear, and might not hear anywhere else!  If the corporate guys won't play it, we'll play the crap out of it.  Each show, Brian will give his take on the scene, let you in on the shows playing around Florida and beyond and feature a local or unsigned band from his search for the lesser-known. 

 We're back to basics here on Backyard Rock and back to bringing you the stuff you need to hear.  This week, we bring you Psycle from Rhode Island and Brian will break down their single "Face The Fire" from their EP "Surfaces".   

Sonic Assault

Episode #134

Recover from your Super Bowl hangover with an ab workout courtesy of Brian and Shoeless Joe! On the show this week:

-Music from Welcome To Rockville bands plus new independent rock from Psycle

-Adult juice boxes A.K.A. "gas station boxed grape drank"

 -Brian and Joe launch laughter artillery at each other and it gets wild  in studio. Also, emotional support peacocks and other ridiculous antics  are a thing. 

-OSR starts a new artist with Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson for February.

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