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Sonic Assault


The Celebration of Nonsense begins here!  Your crazy hosts Brian and Shoeless Joe take you on a journey through the cartoon of life every week on Sonic Assault.  Add the best in today's hard rock and the local acts you've got to hear and you've got Rock 98.9's featured program.  See you every Monday at 6pm ET for the radio show, known for nonsense!

The Nooner


Join Rock 98.9 every Monday through Thursday at Noon for an hour of the best local and independent rock and more!  Also taking your requests and featuring a special Daily Double Shot from a different band.  

Backyard Rock


Brian brings the music you need to hear, the news you can use and finds out where all the cool shows are happening on Backyard Rock. He's a man on a mission to bring the scene back to YOU.  Join him LIVE every Saturday Morning from 9am-Noon for the rock scene's best live radio show!

The Midwest Takeover Radio Show


Your host Lee Swiatkowski brings you all the news and music you need to hear about from the independent rock scene in the Midwest.  From Chicago to the Twin Cities and beyond, join the takeover each week exclusively on Rock 98.9, YOUR radio station connecting the scenes from North to South. 

Syndicated Shows

Hard Rock Nights


Corrupt All Around


Rock Hard With Evan J.Thomas


Mostly Metal


Kevin N' Johnny E