Syndicated Progams

Comedy Of Errors

Join Puddin' and his clan every Monday at Noon for an hour of not-family oriented comedy, sketches, and general nonsense.  It's always a riot when Puddin' and his offspring gather around the microphone for laughs!

Hard Rock Nights

Hosted by radio veteran Brian Basher, Hard Rock Nights plays the rock you've come to love, today's hits and new tracks from around the rock world.  Turn it up loud every Tuesday night at 7pm. 

Corrupt All Around

You may know DJ Corrupt from Eve To Adam, and he's found a home here on Rock 98.9!  Corrupt, now an advocate for the medicinal value of cannabis sends you on a trip full of music and knowledge.  Come get Corrupted every Thursday night at 7pm. 

Mostly Metal

Mostly Metal makes your lunch suck less!  Priscilla brings her man Puddin' and their devilish friend Lucie along for the best in metal from today and some tracks from the past.  Bring the weekend to a new level of heat every Friday at Noon. 

The Saloon Rock Club

Get tuned up!  Kevin and John bring that Philadelphia freedom down south  with a full pitcher of rock to kick off your weekend.  Join them and Marty A with music from across the pond, grab a cold one and get the party started every Friday at 4pm.

Hair Metal Mansion

Andrew the Axeman is no stranger to the music from back in the day and he's on a mission to keep the Hair Metal from the 80's alive and kicking.  Join him for The Hair Metal Mansion every Friday at 6pm. 

Rock 98.9 Exclusives

Sonic Assault

The Celebration of Nonsense begins here!  Your crazy hosts Brian and Shoeless Joe take you on a journey through the cartoon of life every week on Sonic Assault.  Add the best in today's hard rock and the local acts you've got to hear and you've got Rock 98.9's featured program.  See you every Monday at 6pm!

The Nooner

Join Rock 98.9 every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at Noon for an hour of the best local and independent rock and more!  Also taking your requests and featuring a special Daily Double Shot from a different band.  

Backyard Rock

Brian brings the music you need to hear, the news you can use and finds out where all the cool shows are happening on Backyard Rock.  He's a man on a mission to bring the scene back to YOU.  Join him LIVE every Friday at 8pm.