The Celebration of Nonsense


Episode #181: Central Florida Metal Fest Recovery

What a weekend!  Down in Winter Park, we saw very clearly what the Florida rock scene is capable of.  And they say local music doesn't have a draw....HA!! We saw otherwise in Orlando.  Brian and Shoeless Joe were knee deep in the crowd and out with a few band friends celebrating all that is Florida rock and metal this past weekend and there's plenty to process.  In the meantime, we do have a full show for you this week and it goes a little like this:

  • Shoeless Joe took in Volcano Bay at Universal, while refusing to adhere to park customs and wristbands.
  • Miss Zelda needs to get her nails done and Joe got to hear all about it. 
  • OSR for March begins with Little Richard and "Slippin' and Slidin'"
  • Special guests from CFMF include Parallel Motion and Randall and Jammer from Hair Of The Beast.
  • The Sonic Spotlight, presented by Dirtbag Clothing is One Gun Shy and their single "Eye Of The Storm"
  • A combined Nice Things and Strange Crap includes a cookie toss and a crook in a gorilla suit

Old Skool Ridiculous

March is here and as we turn the calendar we change it up on OSR.  This month we will enjoy the very funky Little Richard who was just a little southern boy with a piano and a whole lot of charisma.  To start things off, we'll go with "Slippin' and Slidin'" and give you the lowdown on Richard's piano style and that of the 1950's.  

Strange Crap


Go On, Toss That Cookie

A Florida man was tossed in jail for unleashing a delicious cookie at his girlfriend because of a spat between them.  We don't condone dessert abuse and therefore are most gratified this pastry projecting perpetrator was brought to justice.  We also just like cookies, and this guy crossed the line.  


Breaking And Entering Via Gorilla Suit

We keep saying it, and people just keep doing it: Never break two laws at the same time. Despite us not knowing that it's against the law in  Louisiana to be caught committing a crime with a mask on (Who knew?) this Jimmy doesn't get a pass. A thief was on a random home invasion spree when he got busted under the bed of one of his target a gorilla suit.  

You can't make this stuff up!

The Sonic Spotlight

This week's Sonic Spotlight is Seattle, Washington's own One Gun Shy and their single "Eye of the Storm".  These guys know what it takes when it comes to making great music, and it shows in this track.  Find out our reaction plus Joe's take on the killer guitar solo in Hour 3!

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