The Celebration of Nonsense Lives Here!

Episode #154

Special  guests join us in the studio and via phone for an exciting episode of  Sonic Assault!  Joe was out of town, so Brian took some liberties with  the cast...because he CAN!

Our  very special guest host this week is none other than local improv comic  and "Renaissance Man" Jonathan Moore who we know and love from Mad  Cowford Improv's student program and of course the incomparable  character  Mikhail Nikolaevich Medved, who's invaded previous episodes  of the show.  He'll join Brian to catch up and talk about martial arts,  comedy, and to poke fun at the world during Nice Things. 

 Our  extra-special guest this week is Linzey Rae of The Anchor, who are  heading to Florida next week as a part of The Kids In America Tour 2018.   Known for her "Metal Kitchen" YouTube videos and for screaming on  stage with The Anchor, Linzey chats with Brian about new music, their  tour, and what's on the horizon.   

It all goes down 6pm on Monday!  For more head over to