The Celebration of Nonsense


Episode #192

June launches with another edition of Sonic Assault and as the temperature rises this summer, so does the anticipation for Episode #200!  On the show this week:

  • Joe took another "dive and a dip" plus Half Track and The Boy went all pro snorkeling in South Florida
  • OSR takes you back with another classic from the 80's featuring Klymaxx
  • Sister Pooh makes our week again with a SERMON on drive through etiquette
  • Nice Things includes a local bonehead who told on himself whilst escaping from the cops
  • We'll also get pumped for November and LOCAL LIVE FEST, another opportunity to get there with Buddy Bear!

See you Monday at 6pm ET here on Rock 98.9!


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Old Skool Ridiculous

This week's OSR is Klymaxx and "Meeting In The Ladies Room", a selection inspired by a YouTube find from Saturday Night Live!  The song itself is pretty damned good, but when we saw the SNL cast run this parody, we had to learn more!  Listen during Hour 1 to our take on the original and check out this video to find out why we're still laughing!

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