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Episode #202: The After-Pooh Recovery Show

Starting tonight at 6pm ET on Rock 98.9, Episode #202: The After-Pooh Recovery Show! Join Brian and Shoeless Joe as we recover from our last couple weeks of madness and catch up with what's been going on at home. OSR this week is a little known track from Johnny Kemp plus a Nice Things that left Brian absolutely disgusted with humanity. 

That's 6pm ET here on Rock 98.9 and replaying WORLDWIDE across The Sonic Assault Radio Network. 


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Old Skool Ridiculous

From last week's show, an Easter Egg come to life as we take a listen to a little-known single from 80's artist Johnny Kemp.  Although he only had 2 albums to his credit, he appeared on the soundtrack for the 1989 film Sing with the single "Birthday Suit".  The bonus?  Joe didn't even know it existed!  Listen in during Hour 1 for all the details. 

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