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So Long, Season Cinco!

Well, we hate to leave on short notice but we've officially brought Season Cinco to a close.  Due to some recurring health issues on Brian's end and Sholess Joe handling some very important things away from the mic, we've closed up shop for 2019.  Although we love what we do here on Sonic Assault, sometimes we just have to step back and take care of ourselves.  We want to thank everyone for their support this year and we will return after the New Year for Season Six!

Also, we have a super special announcement to make!  Joining us for our next season is a very special lady who we've had on the show a few times and have also rocked the festival scene with.  She's funny, she's wild, and she's a SUPER FAN.  Please welcome the third member of our cast of cartoon characters...SUPERFAN SHANNON joins the fray starting in January! 


The Holiday Special Is Still On!

But wait, we can't let Joe get away with not enduring a Christmas meltdown!  The Holiday Special is STILL ON and will air December 23rd here on Rock 98.9 and WORLDWIDE across the Sonic Assault Radio Network.  Christmas tunes from Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Lexy Cassell, GFM and MORE plus the gift of meltdowns and songs you've heard before but not quite like Brian does them.  Join us on December 23rd for Merry Meltdown Melodies!


Don't Forget The Archive!

Missed an episode of the show and want to catch up on what you've missed?  We have several ways for you to keep the laughs coming in our Archive with past radio shows available in podcast format. 

The Grand Archive of Ridiculous

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