The Faces Behind The Rock



The mastermind behind Rock 98.9 and the station's General Manager.  B.P. has been in online broadcasting since 2009 and has worked in gamer-focused radio, mainstream rock, and sports media over his 10 year career.  He hosts Backyard Rock on Wednesday and Saturday. 

Lee Swiatkowski


If it's not a brunch beverage, that's totally okay with him.  Lee is part of Team Chicago and the host of Midwest Takeover Radio Show heard on Saturdays.  Lee covers the rock scene in the Midwest as well as Florida and pours a mean vodka and orange juice.  He also has a substantial collection of vinyl including more Prince albums than we thought possible. 

Evan J. Thomas


Evan's passion for the rock scene is right up there with ours and we're glad he joins us as a part of Team Chicago.  He hosts Rock Hard with Evan J. Thomas on Thursdays and covers both the national and independent scenes across the country.  An accomplished photographer, Evan has shot some of the big bands and even some of our favorites.  If you need the right shot, Evan's the man!

I.T. Timmy


I.T. Timmy is our resident technology guru and quality control specialist.  He also tells B.P. when things suck so he can go and fix it.  Timmy is a die-hard Seminole fan and also loves a good mosh pit.  He's an occasional guest on Sonic Assault when he's not running cables or working on our social media. 

Buddy Bear


Have you seen this bear?  Buddy is our station's mascot and also pulls double duty with Sonic Assault.  You can find him at your favorite local rock show or even at festivals like Welcome To Rockville.  Buddy is a fun-loving bear that just likes to party and sometimes joins the mosh pits when there's a crowd.  Buddy also enjoys charity events like Cupid's Undie Run and other causes that are near and dear to his little bear heart.