Be Seen In The Scene at Rockville 2019

Welcome to Rockville Returns May 3rd-5th

The Rock World Descends on Jacksonville


Just when you thought it was safe to head to Daily's Place to catch a smooth jazz concert, the bombshell drops again announcing yet another installment of the loudest festival in North Florida!  Yes rock friends and family, Welcome To Rockville has yet again stated its intention to make rock great again on the banks of the St. Johns River.  And dammit, we like it that way.  

On a recent edition of Backyard Rock, I sandblasted Adam Levine for his opinions on what genre is leading the innovation in mainstream music.  While statistically he may be correct, and so was Corey Taylor for calling him a "schmuck" in his response to said analysis, the industry hasn't won the hearts and minds of rock fans in decades.  Then Danny Wimmer shows up with yet another lineup release and suddenly anything that a washed-out pop star gone reality TV co-host says is null and void.  Rock lives.  Rock will never die.  And just because you didn't get an invitation to the party doesn't mean there isn't one going on in the back yard.  

As we move towards the month of May, we'll have conversations, debates, and even some vent sessions about what we love so much about rock and all of its quirks.  I'll be blogging the whole way and I'm ready to kick ass with you once again at Metro Park.  Stay independent, stay heavy and remember to Be Seen In The Scene!